Crescent’s Coffee & Tea

There are many places to visit in Central Florida, from theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios to one of its many resorts where one can golf or enjoy a relaxing day at the spa.  All of these places are fun to visit with family and friends, but there is one place in Central Florida that not too many people are familiar with and that place is Crescent’s Coffee & Tea. Located at 920 New York Avenue, it is a new addition to downtown Saint Cloud and its many restaurants and shops.  Crescent’s Coffee & Tea has been open for about two months now and has been well recieved by the people as well as the shops around town.

“I’ve been in the food and beverage business since I was eight years old with my mother’s catering company,” said Gary Conness, 42, owner of Crescent’s Coffee & Tea. “I’ve been a grocery manager and have worked at Disney, but I’ve always had a lingering thought about opening a coffee shop.”

Gary D. Conness, owner of Crescent's Coffee & Tea, in front of menu

Gary D. Conness is Originally from San Francisco and came to Florida 16 years ago.  Gary and his wife Crescent, the shop’s namesake, as well as their daughter run the shop serving and baking and experimenting with various drink and food combinations to form signature drinks.

Crescent’s Coffee & Tea serves a number of items from hot, pressed sandwhiches to its bakery items shipped from Orlando.  They even have their

Baked goods shipped from Orlando

Barista License to make Cappuccinos and lattes and other coffee drinks that you would find at other coffee shops.  They also sell soups as well as hot cider and hot chocolate when they are in season.

Menu items seen from outside of shop

In addition to selling coffee, tea and other delicious items, Crescent’s Coffee & Tea offers a pleasent enviroment for its guests that inludes free wi-fi, couches and chairs and displays art created by local artists that are for sale to the public.

“When you’re here, you own your own space,” said Conness. “We don’t kick you out.  We

close at four o’clock, but it’s just a guide.  We’ve stayed open as late as nine o’clock one time.” 

With flexibility such as this, many people stop in on a regular basis.

“Crescent’s is so cute and quiant,” said Kayla Sullivan, 21, St. Cloud resident.  “Crescent’s is super peaceful and relaxing.  I also love that when I drink their flavored coffee I can taste the flavoring and still taste the coffee.”

Kayla Sullivan enjoying a Blueberry flavored coffee

“I have felt for a while a need for a place like Crescent’s,” said Isaac Anthony, 22, St. Cloud resident. “When I heard that there was a new coffee place in town I was very excited to try it.”
People from all walks visit Crescent’s.
“I enjoy the internet, good coffee and warm hospitality from Gary,” said Ben Nouri, 55. 

Ben Nouri, here on business from France

Crescent’s Coffee & Tea is open Monday through Friday 7 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m.-4pm but they are looking into changing their hours to stay open longer and possibly seven-days-a-week.  You can also find them on Facebook. Just type “crescent’s” in the search bar and join their group page.
Address: Crescent’s Coffee & Tea
                    920 New York Ave.
                    St. Cloud, FL 34769
Phone Number: (407) 556-3943
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